Unveil Your Natural Beauty

Welcome to Micro Fades – your premier destination for threading services. We offer expert threading techniques performed by skilled professionals to help you achieve perfectly shaped eyebrows and a flawless facial appearance.

Threading is a traditional method of hair removal that originated in the Middle East and South Asia. It involves using a thin thread, typically made of cotton or polyester, to remove unwanted hair at the follicle level. This precise technique allows for meticulous shaping and sculpting of the eyebrows, creating clean lines and enhancing your facial features.

At Micro Fades, our threading specialists are trained in the art of threading and possess the expertise to deliver exceptional results. They understand the importance of symmetry, balance, and personalized eyebrow shaping to complement your unique facial structure. Whether you desire bold, defined brows or a more natural look, our experts will work closely with you to achieve your desired outcome.

Gentle and Precise

Threading offers several advantages over other hair removal methods. It is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for even the most sensitive areas of the face. The process is quick, efficient, and precise, ensuring minimal discomfort and long-lasting results. Unlike waxing or plucking, threading does not irritate the skin or cause unnecessary redness or swelling.

At Micro Fades, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction. Our clean and hygienic environment ensures a safe and enjoyable threading experience. We use high-quality threads and adhere to strict sanitation protocols to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.

In addition to eyebrow threading, we also offer threading services for other facial areas such as the upper lip, chin, and cheeks. Our threading experts are well-versed in shaping and defining various facial features, providing you with a comprehensive solution for your hair removal needs.