SMP For Women

Fuller Hair, Stronger Confidence

Welcome to Micro Fades – the leading SMP and barber clinic offering scalp micropigmentation (SMP) services tailored for women. Our skilled artists provide a safe and effective solution for women facing hair loss concerns, recreating the appearance of a full head of hair using permanent pigments.

Scalp micropigmentation is a versatile treatment that benefits both bald and long hair. Originally designed for individuals with baldness, it can also address thinning hair in women by creating the illusion of fuller hair. By depositing pigments between the existing hair follicles, SMP blends seamlessly with the remaining hair and conceals areas of hair loss.

Before opting for SMP, it’s important to be aware of a few factors. Firstly, SMP does not replicate the appearance of long flowing hair. Secondly, if you have a receding hairline, the treatment may be noticeable. To determine if you’re an ideal candidate for scalp micropigmentation, it is recommended to consult with a reputable SMP specialist who can guide you on the best course of action.

Personalized SMP Solutions for Women

The scalp micropigmentation procedure involves the use of small needles that penetrate the scalp to a depth of 2mm (the skin). Rest assured, it does not cause any harm to the hair follicles as the pigments are only deposited between them. The goal of SMP is to add depth and the appearance of hair density without causing any damage to the actual hair follicles.

Typically, scalp micropigmentation is completed in two to three sessions. Our SMP specialists carefully assess your hair and develop a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs. As each individual’s requirements are unique, scalp micropigmentation offers a highly customized solution. The pigment used is matched to your hair color to achieve a three-dimensional look. The initial session involves applying a lighter shade to cover thinning areas, while subsequent sessions add details and darker tones to complete the treatment.