Scalp Micropigmentation

restoring your confidence

Welcome to Micro Fades – Scalp Micropigmentation, the premier SMP and barber clinic. Our revolutionary treatment, scalp micropigmentation (SMP), is transforming lives and restoring confidence worldwide. Whether you’re experiencing genetic hair loss, receding hairline, alopecia, or hair loss due to burns or surgery, both men and women can now regain a full head of hair.

SMP, also known as hair tattooing, scalp pigmentation, and medical hairline repair, is the fastest-growing hair loss therapy for both men and women. Using advanced micropigmentation techniques, SMP can replicate the appearance of a fully shaved head, even for those who are completely bald. 

Our heavily developed and innovative scalp micropigmentation procedure is typically performed over three sessions, requiring a high level of expertise and skill to ensure optimal results.