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Abraham Soberanes

Hi, my name is Abraham Soberanes. I got into Scalp Micropigmentation through my search and efforts to learn more about cutting hair more efficiently and how modern barbers are styling in the modern world. I saw an advertisement for the service on Instagram, when a barber gave a shout-out to a friend’s work, and I decided to check it out. Once I got an idea about what the service was all about, I also decided to be a part of the industry. I wanted to help others overcome their insecurities and restore a youthful look to individuals, while also making a career for myself.

I received training from two different Scalp Micropigmentation artists well-known in the city of San Diego, named Alex and through an online course called Scalpa. I have certifications from two different SMP artists and Bloodborne Pathogen certification for the safety of my clients. Being a part of this industry provides a great sense of satisfaction, as it helps people improve their self-image and remove insecurities. I am always ready to exceed expectations, and my customers will know that I’m friendly, comforting, patient, and transparent. You can count on me to help you when you need it.